Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day 2...Apples

Good day everyone? 

well, today i woke up and made me some breakfast, i had one corn tortilla with a piece of avocado, and since here in Peru the winter is hitting a cup of coffee is always a good way to go for the cold weather. Then i proceeded to go to university and sit down for a 3 hour lecture of accounting. I don't know how i go through it but definitely drinking water makes it sound and easier, don't ask me why, maybe it's the fact that drinking water makes my mind wonder for a little while off of the topic that is so dreadful and difficult. I wanted to eat an apple so i forced my self to go to the cafeteria and hunt for one. Obviously i had to cross the yard and the field and battle with the COLD WIND, by the time i got there i found out that they DO NOT sell apples or any other kind of fruits unless they are in a fruit salad, which i was not likely to pay for it just wanting a simple APPLE.  So as decided as i was, i said to them that they should sell apples and a lot more people would be happy that they could find an apple.

Tip: Eating an apple a day increases your body defences and are great antioxidants.

Now, as a highlight of my day after the apple feud, i got to spend a nice evening relaxing at home and got to eat dinner with my parents as the cute little family we are, i'm an only child. We had a home made soup by my momma! :) 

And if you are wondering if i had any sweet cravings, i did, but calmed it down with a piece of chocolate and that made an awesome job! 


Last picture from: http://www.astudios.co.nz/Portraits.htm

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