Monday, May 16, 2011

New Diet, new life style

Hello everyone! this is my first entry in this blog. With it i am going to try to make my way through the process of losing weight at lot easier because i need some support and with it i hope everyone gets inspired and follow my footsteps into a healthier life style. 

Here is an intro to what I am like dieting wise. I have a super sweet tooth that i need to control. literally i love all about sweets and candies and all that GOOD stuff i love the cupcakes, lolli pops, cakes, flans, pudin and oh god, just talking about it makes my mouth water. Also I love good food, and all food really, I live in Peru so it is normal for us peruvians to appreciate our cuisine and eat it right with rice and potatoes even though you shouldn't mix them both. Another thing you should know is that i am LAZY so lazy that the song by Bruno Mars seems so active! so working out is not an option for me, at least those long and tiring hours at the gym. I am a University student and my time is partially limited and my energy is all drained by long hours of study and moving from one place to another, so that is part a workout for me.  

Now, on to the hard business, dieting. I have opted to reduce my consumption of bread, cut completely the fried stuff because it is so not healthy and it goes into the fat of your body more quickly. I can not live without any sweets so i am going to allow myself have just one small piece of anything sweet to satisfy my sweet cravings, Also include vegetables to the diet because the green in them help to burn out some of the extra calories you intake when you eat not so healthy food. you should never cut out everything because if you go to eat one day and are just not in the mood to eat just "plants" it's not going to harm your diet that much if you were eating everything but just in small portions. 

This is a long way to walk but i am going to do my best to keep it up! 

Wish me luck and i hope you get inspired! 

xo A

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