Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's day cupcakes!

Tomorrow is father's day and we need to celebrate the second person in our lives that has been there all the way and taught us and supported us (and sometime grounded us) and my idea for a super easy and sweet way to do this is by baking some cute cupcakes to celebrate them!

I know it's not a super healthy and dietetic dessert but for this special day it's fair to go out of your diet and just have fun with it, of course don't exaggerate and over eat, but grab one and enjoy it at the fullest! Remember is a gift for your pap's and don't eat'em all!

So I baked this cute cupcakes a couple of weeks ago in form of a trial run and to see how they turned out. 

I baked them in two different flavours, orange and coffee, because daddy and granddad are fans of those! 

I love my dad and my granddad so very much and hope they have a great day and to let them know they are my family and they are part of the most amazing support system in my life and they are my heroes for doing everything the do to keep the family together and for my granddad that is up in heaven, he was the best person i could know, and that, even though i don't remember him that well i still miss him so much! 

Love you! 

So I hope everyone spends an awesome father's day and spoil their  dads! 


S. A 

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  1. i LOVE cupcakes!!! :)


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