Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

So today the sun came out, the birds are singing and everything seems happy and with a magical aura.

As the sun came out, i am in the mood to eat a fruit salad and drink a lot of water. If there's something that i could live of during a sunny day is from fruits and fresh veggies. I love they way they freshen up the body and the water contained within them is so good for us. Also, a good complement for them, and the amount of vitamins they provide, is the Sun, some good sun baths are perfect to fix those vitamins, but also use sunscreen to prevent damaging your skin. I recommend SPF 45 and higher to have a good care for it.

Sunny days are the best to go and do an outdoor sport, if you like, go for a hike, run around the park nearest to you, take your dog for a walk (if you have a dog, of course) have some fun in the sun, as many people say. And of course if you live near a beach, it is the perfect way to enjoy the sea and the sun, call your friends and hang out!

I am in a really good mood and therefore i think i might go out and walk my doggies for a while and enjoy this beautiful day !

Have a Wonderful day!



ps. i know i know, A is normally my signature, but my birth name is Stephanie, and i went for Arabella too, i like them both and love how they come together.

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