Friday, June 10, 2011

I am Back!

Hello everybody! 

sorry i've been slacking this blog, but as you may already know, i am study hard to improve my grades, make my diet healthier, keep up with the school work that is getting bigger and bigger and bigger all the time, and my final exams are just around the corner so yes, my time has pretty much been reduced for leisure activities, so i decided that i was going to leave everything for about 5 mins in order to write a blog and keep you updated. 

I have lost body mass, and that is noticeable, but in weight i have just loosed about 1/2 a pound which is good because i am not loosing weight dramatically and my metabolism is not suffering with the changes. I have reduced my intake of fried and greasy food, although i still eat a hamburger if i am totally craving one, but just a small or junior one. 

Now i drink 2 lts. of water a day and i feel my skin softer and more hydrated than before, so the changes are good and it shows on the way i look, i like it, a healthy living and a healthy body. 

In terms of exercise, i have been walking a lot lately, climbing up and down stair cases at university and i have clases on the fourth floor and instead of using the elevator i prefere the stairs it's a pretty good exercise cause you work everything, your thighs, your calves, even your butex :) 
You know that i am a sweet addict, so the desserts for me are a must, but I tend to have left them behind and just eat them 2 times a week, when i am really really really craving one. The rest of the time i am not worried about it, and because of my hectic schedule i sometime have a little time to eat lunch and if i took all the time i wished i would never get on time to where i need to be. 

let me know you have been working on your health and how have you make the transition smoother so that it doesn't strike you down.  

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