Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meal Diary: Monday&Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

So I have been eating really good lately and specially i had no idea that i was good at cooking!
Making these meals have made me realize the importance that a perfect balance makes and to know how to mix the things you eat. 

For the past days, Monday and Tuesday, i ate:


  • Breakfast: a bowl of special K with milk
  • Lunch: A chicken filled in with asparagus and Edam cheese. with steamed vegies and just a little ampunt of rice. 
  • Dinner: an orange and half a banana 
  • Breakfast: A bowl of special K with milk (it's my go to breakfast, and it is easy and healthy)
  • Lunch: A chicken kind of soup with potatoes and raisins and carrots and a little rice by the side. (here in Peru we have to have rice as our side dish, we are characterized by that.)
  • Dinner: A bowl of oatmeal and an orange. 
These are all the things that have gotten into my tummy and i feel really happy about it. It's not too much food and it is well balanced in order not to lack of anything. 

I cooked the first dish on monday, lunch. and i think it was pretty awesome that i can actually cook! this is a big deal! now i can live alone and not starve! hahaha 

such a drama lady. 

I will attach a picture when i download them to my computer. 

So what have you been eating? tell me about it in the comments below :) 


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