Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My favourite Lipstick brand

I love the way lipsticks make the lips, of us girls, look gorgeous. My favourite line is from Natura, an ecoefficient line from Brasil which is made from natural substances and nothing else. It has no chemicals added to any of the lines they have. They abstain from producing nail polishes, which are necessary to have any chemicals added by force. They say that these nail polishes damage the environment and can produce green house gasses increasing global warming. 

Natura's lipsticks are really moisturising and you can feel that they are maid super smoothly. They are very pigmented and have a great variety of colours, coming from the darkest plum to the brightest pink they can find. They are great for every season for the reasons mentioned previously and will make your lips smooth and awesome and will complement every makeup look that you want to achieve. 

Where there is a smoky look, or a simple Parisian feel with bold bright red lips they have the perfect shades for every occasion. 

The packaging is super nice and they make them from recycled materials. 

What is also nice, is that you can purchase the refills for all of their products so that you don't en up spending that much money on them because of the packaging. 

This is a line you can find and purchase in Latin America, Mexico and France. So if you are in that areas. I hope you are willing to try them and tell me what you think, not only about lipsticks, but their entire line. 



Disclaimer: I am not being paid by this brand to advertise their products, this are all my honest opinions. 

Picture is from: Natura 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Estée Lauder Projectionist Mascara


Hey guys! I am practically obsessed with this mascara, the Projectionist Mascara from Estee Lauder and since i bought it a year ago more or less, it's been my favourite. It makes the lashes look full and long and just make your eyes to look bigger and brighter. It enhances them. 

This mascara has a huge wand and the fibres in it are shaped as to fit and catch even the smallest baby lash. It is great for going out at night to give you that dramatic look that you need to really finish your make up. 

The price of it is of $21.00 and for what it can do i totally recommend purchasing it if you think it is going to suit you. If you don't want to spend that much, i think that you can try other drugstore mascaras that can work in the exact same way. Personally i am a little sensitive in my eye area and i have to use mascaras that are not going to produce me any type of allergy to prevent my sight to be red and soar. 

Estee Lauder, is a really good quality brand of make up and works smoothly, at least with mascaras and the formula does not clump and don't leave chunks of product in the lashes. 

hope you liked this mini review! :) 



*Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Estee Lauder to review this product, all opinions are my own. Picture is from

Yummy Mango Juice

Hey guys!

So today has been just a little interesting, i went to have some drinks with a couple of my very deer friends because one them is going to study to the U.S in Kansas in just two days and we needed desperately to see each other before the good-bye and we went to this place and I was not in the mood to ask for coffee so i decided that i was going to have a juice. 

I scanned through the menu to see what fruits they had available and my eye got caught in a raspberry juice, so i decided to go for it. Unfortunately, my dreams were crashed when the waitress said to me that they were out of raspberries. Disappointed as I was, started scanning the menu again and settled finally for a mango juice. They did had Mango and OMG! it was the best juice i've ever tried! It was heaven in my mouth and seemed to me that the fruit was supper fresh and sweet that they didn't had to put any sugar in it. 

So after the disappointing experience with the raspberries, my second choice was so worth it! 

Tell me, what is your go-to juice? 



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday: Brunch and Pastas

Hey guys! 

Today I had brunch and it actually was more of lunch than anything else. 

They served a pasta with lemon chicken which was so good that i had to get the recipe from the chef, she was kind enough to come and talk to me about the secret of this pasta (the credit goes to my lovely aunt) and therefore I got it and now i can make it at home! i would change some of the things to make it a lot more healthy. 

Here is my version of it: 


1) 1/2 kg of whole-grain pasta
2) 2 lemons (green lemon for it to be more sour) 
3) 1 spoon of ground garlic
4) 1 seasoning envelope
5) Salt
6) Pepper
7) Half a chicken breast
8) Milk 
9) Olive oil


1) Boil the whole-grain pasta with some salt, no oil. 
2) cut the chicken breast, previously remove the skin, in small squares. 
3) Pour just a little of olive oil in a pan, let it heat and then fry the ground garlic to let the flavour become more noticeable. 
4) Add and fry the chicken breast with some salt and pepper and the seasoning envelope together. 
5) Add a cup of milk to the chicken and mix well, if you like it to be a little more consistent just dissolve in a cup with a small amount of water one spoon of flour and then add that to the milk while boiling. 
6) Finally add the juice of the 2 lemons. Don't worry of the mixture starts separating, it is normal, just mix well. 

For the final serving put the pasta in a plate, and spread the just made cream with the chicken. 

I assure you that it is amazing and fills you the right way. 

(i wish i had taken a picture of my plate!) 

hope you enjoy it and if you try it, tell me what your thoughts are! 



picture is from: the

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Part 1: Basics

I have a lot to love about life, specially if you have to walk your way with it. Shoes are essential for this task and it doesn't matter if they are flats, or skyhigh heels, the shoes are girls best companions.

Heels will make you look slimmer and give you the curves that you like and will complement your outfit and make it to die for. Heels elongate the figure and give the height that you die to have. Flats make you feel comfortable for everyday and to run errands and wonder around town with friends and family. As you may feel fond to just a certain pair in your closet, call it your "life-partner", you can't get enough of your old, lovable other pairs.

For me, an essential to have in your closet is a pair of black pumps. They are always going to fit in perfectly with any outfit you put together for a night out or just hit the city with style. I love the Steve Madden brand and they have a huge variety of pumps that you can choose from here is one of them.

Another essential you ought to have, is a pair of nude princess cut shoes, they are stylish and classic and are never out of season. The Queen of England and they royals love have these because they give the classy feel to an outfit. 

For flats you should find those that are going to make you feel comfortable and just add that sense of being at home without wearing a pair of sleeping slippers. I found this beautiful pair of Tory Burch flats in brown and just felt that they called "urban home" for you to wear them: 

I hope you enjoy this post! and keep an eye on the other parts of this series called Shoes, shoes and more shoes! 



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revlon Polish obsession

Today I was cleaning up my closet racks and I found that i have a huge obsession with nail polishes and specially with Revlon nail polishes. I love that they are always coming up with new fun ideas and the scented ones they have for limited editions are amazing also. 

As many girls may know, having pretty is nails is our goal and a way to express our personalities and a way to make an outfit stand out from the rest by adding that extra pop of colour you are looking for. 

My top 5 nail colours from my collection are: 

From left to right: 
1) Raspberry Rapture- Scented
2) Plum Night
3) Sublime Strawberry- Scented
4) Chocolate Truffle 
5) Plum Seduction 

These are the ones that I normally go for during the year. I love Pinks and purples and for summer some coral colours and bright fun ones that make your tan really stand out. For winter I go for dark colours and reds and sometimes just match the nail polish to what I am wearing for the day. 

I live in Peru and Revlon is a really good drugstore brand and with really great quality. There are other brands here that are cheaper but they are not as good as Revlon. O.P.I is also my favourite brand but here you can't find it that easily and when you do, it is somewhat expensive but it is totally worth it. 

I also find in handy that to have a base and a top coat to protect your nails is also very important because in that way you are not going to stain them and therefore the colour will be removed much easily with the nail polish remover of your preference. I own the Revlon Base+Top Coat and i find that it works really nice until you almost reach the bottom and end of it. When it is almost gone, it will start being sticky (like most nail polishes do when they are almost done) and it just doesn't work any more. Bubbles will start arising and mess up your colour and manicure. 

I have a little trick for this. If you want to make it last at least for the rest of the application and until you buy yourself another flask of a nail polish you love, just add a few drops of nail polish remover into it and shake well. Don't use too much though because that will make it a lot thinner and the colour might loose it's pigmentation and you'll need to apply more than two coats of it. 

I hope you enjoy this post of my latest obsession! 

now tell me, do you love nail polishes as I do? or what is the one makeup item that you can't seem to have enough? 



First Post: An introduction

Hey guys! 

This is a new blog in which i am going to talk about beauty, my approach to it, fashion and all about it that i am personally really attached to. I have another blog called getting fit and light which talks about health, getting fit and how to balance the foods you ingest to have a well balanced organism (click here to check it out)  and I am a firm believer that if you have a healthy body and mind it will reflect on the way you look on the outside. Inner beauty all along. 

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to send in suggestions and ideas for me to write them here.



note: picture is from 

short post + announcement!

Hey guys!

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately about fashion and beauty, and i decided to create another blog about fashion and beauty because i have always liked that and followed the carriers of many beauty vlogers like juicystar07, allthatglitters21 and many others and it has actually been why i decided to create a blog in the first place, i am a little camerashy so that is why I do not like youtube as a mean of communicating what i love but i think that on time i might be able to film some of this. 

I think that beauty and fitness come both hand in hand and that they are a way to complement each other, because if you feel good on the inside you are also going to want to feel even greater on the outside to show the attitude you have and how strong you are. 

So i hope you like the other blog i am creating and i am working so hard to keep everything in place and order in my life so this is an awesome way to just relax and have fun with what i love and i think is my second passion. My first love is my University Mayor and i am being fully centred in it. 

The blog name is Beauty by S.A and i leave you the preview of it on the link Below: 

Beauty by S.A 



Workout Playlist

Hey Everyone! 

I am in a blogging mode right now and i feel motivated to work out hard this days. And i am a much of a music lover and love the different genres there are so i felt that if i did a workout with music the pain of it will be just a mere reflection and not noticeable at all. 

So for this blog I am going to give you my favourite songs to listen when I hit the gym or my park for a run. 

If you are of those people that like super motivating beats and kind of happier tunes to pump up your workout i think that Katy Perry's Firework is awesome, motivating and fun to listen. 

So here is my top ten songs in my playlist to a work out: 

1) My Dilemma- Selena Gomez
2) DJ got us falling in love again- Usher ft. Pitbull
3) Raise your glass- Pink
4) King of anything- Sara Bareilles
5) Summer Moon- David Geta
6) Don't Stop Believing- Glee Cast
7) You sexy thing- Barry White
8) Memories-David Geta
9) Price Tag- Jessie J. ft B.o.B
10) Firework- Katy Perry

I think that if you have something that makes you have fun and a great time while working out, you won't feel the work and just enjoy yourself. You might even find that you go along with the beats and that time passes by as fast as you blink. 

Hope you enjoyed this little bog post!

now tell me, which songs do you listen to while workingout? 

*Disclaimer: owns the content in the link of this post. I am just a supplier for your consideration of the existence  of the products in their stores. All opinions are my own. 



Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday: Update

Hey Guys! it's been too long I think!

I have been really enjoying my vacations and reading a good amount of books, and I really missed writing blog posts.

On Tuesday was my granddad's birthday and we decided it was going to be a holiday for every member of our family so that we can spend a nice day together. He had been working on an invention of his to make roasted chicken and you know what? it is AMAZING. So we had a pretty nice feast. We sided the dish with a salad and with baked potatoes with Huancaina Sauce. We are somewhat lovers of wine and a glass is never missing.

I took a lot of pictures so that you can watch it. What i like the most of this is that you don't need the use of oils or anything else and it is super healthy. You have to season the chicken first and then just  let it sit for one night and it will make all the meat be impregnated with the taste.

This is what it looks like when you first see it in the grill.

And then we had a beautiful night and sung happy birthday to my "papi" (that's what i call him) and eat cookie cake :) it was so yummy. 

here is a picture of the evening :) 

what a happy Family We are :)

So if you want to spend a nice evening with your family, declare yourselves a little family holiday and do a BBQ and it will make a lot of health benefits for you all. So spend a day out in the back yard and soak in some fresh air and a yummy tasting food right out of the grill. Specially if it's a summer day, which in most of the other hemisphere of the world is, it is going to make you fell much more active and full of life and even happier.

tell me if you enjoy having family time and if so, how to spend it?



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 personal Questions Tag.

Hey guys! 

Today I felt like doing something different and that really goes out of topic, but i thought that it would be much fun to get you to know me a little better. 

So I was creeping around youtube and found this tag, which basically consists of 13 questions to answer and in that way other people can see what are your interests apart from what you normally talk in your blog or posts. 

And now, this is the 13 personal question tag. 

1) What do you order at Starbucks? 

Normally I order a tall vanilla latte or a caramel frappuccino if i feel it is not too cold outside in the winter but i keep it seasonal, hot coffee for winter and iced coffee for summer.
2) What's one thing in your closet you can't live without? 

The number one thing that i can't live without from my closet is my (could it be anything? oh well here it goes) Roxy hoody that is the prettiest ivory white with an abstract butterfly on the back. Even though there's more in my closet that i can't live without that is the most outstanding piece of clothing i could think off. 

3) What's one thing that most people don't know about you? 

I think that maybe that they take me for granted because i am always smiling and trying to keep positive about things that they think that i am not well focused on my priorities, but i love what i do and that i study and put all my self into the edge when i have to get one thing done. What i want, i get it. I am a very focused person. 

4) What's one thing you want to do before you die? 

This is a hard one, but maybe i would want to drive one of those giant trucks to transport containers of merchandise but on an extreme condition 
such as ice or in a dessert.   

5) What's one food you can't live without? 

I would have to say, down straight, that pastas are the one food that i couldn't live without, but i think they have way too much carbs and everything that this dis encourages me, but what ever, for the sake of this tag i would go with pastas all the way. You can check the post where i talk about some pasta and birthday dinner ideas here

6) What's one quote that you live your life by? 

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.

I like this quote specially because you really have to make what you do what you love and if you don't you will feel an empty space. That is why you need to enjoy every second of your life and make it worth it. 

7) What do you like and dislike about the blog communities? 

I have been around that much in the blog communities but of one thing i am sure, i have to start learning how to get an award! (just kidding (;) but i think it is more closed and personal because people can connect to each other and share their interests. 

8) What's your n° 1 song on your iPod/iTunes? 

"love you like a love song" by Selena Gomez. which is awesome by the way! check it in the link below on 

9) What kind of style would you describe yourself as having? 

I think I have a really classy style, I like the Paris style and the royals outfits. I am not that kind of girl that is going to wear working out outfits to go to the mall or shopping at the grocery store. I love Sky-high heels and pretty dresses and skirts, but go along very well with jeans and a pair of uggs in a cold winter afternoon. I take a lot of the style from Gossip Girl, specially from Blair. 

10) Favourite Number? 

10, my birthday, the number of this question and it mainly describes everything important to me. 

11) Two Hobbies? 

Playing the piano and Playing Volleyball (when i have the time to do these) 

12) Two pet peeves? 

When people chew way too loud and when they start making noises with their pens like "click, click, click" and they never stop the fricking noise

and last but not least!

13) Your guilty pleasure? 

Actually i think that my biggest guilty pleasure is to watch movies in bed while eating a whole bag of doritos and drinking Fanta, that is my guiltiest pleasure on earth. 

Well guys, this is the end of the tag! if you like you can do this tag in your blog and link it on the comments below so that i can go check your blog and follow it! 

(maybe you'd like to follow mine too? maybe? :) thanks!) 



*Disclaimer: owns the property being advertised in this post, all credits go to them. 
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