Monday, July 11, 2011

B-DAY dinner ideas

Hey Everyone!

As it has been my birthday yesterday, I went with my family out to eat and we went to a buffet. Here it is a lovely place called "Il Forno" where you can eat a variety of pastas and Italian food which is AH-MAZING. I love pastas so that is why i decided to go there. But on Sundays  they also have Peruvian food table where you can choose from whatever you like. My family is crazy about that so i thought "ok it's perfect, everyone can have what they like and eat from everything they choose". 

So i really like that idea to have a birthday and go with family and friends and everyone can choose what they like, so you are happy and they are happy too.


So choose a place that have a variety of foods where you can choose from, normally it is better to find one that has an international menu. Find the one that specializes in what you prefer but have into consideration that they also have a good chef for the rest of the food. As it is your birthday, it is going to be almost physically impossible, if going out to a buffet, to keep a healthy eating, but try your best and don't pair pastas with meat because that is going to make you process a lot faster the carbs from the pasta. Or try not eating the garlic bread with that because that adds up the calories you are consuming. 

If you prefer seafood, go for it, eat freshly fished fish (it sounds redundant I know!) and don't chose the fried one, just one that is baked, or smoked or at the grill which is really low on oil because they don't use the amount needed for fried fish. If you like it choose salmon, or shrimps and combine them with vegetables because in that way you will find that the flavour of the fish stands out and is really good. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me where do you like to eat out for your birthday and which is your favourite food!? 



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  1. those foods look yummy!


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