Monday, July 4, 2011

Final Exams: Healthy Snack options.

Hey Guys! 

My birthday is this Sunday and i am so exited but also not so much. I am turning 20! this is a big deal, at least for me because i am not going to be a teen anymore! and i think from 20 and up people just start to notice more what you say and do. 20 is a more "mature" number. 

This week i am in final exams and i finish on Wednesday. I think that when I start this time of the semester i start eating more, and maybe it's because i get more anxious because of all the study i have to do. And mental work is a very draining and tiring. 

So what i like to eat while i have these sessions is pop corn with almost no salt and having something to munch on while reading is the best so that you also have that extra energy needed to focus on the topics you are looking at. 
Another food that i like to eat is apples, or any fruit actually, but i like the most apples so that i get those vitamins to  keep me awake and not sleepy. 

Tuna is a good option to have with some crackers because it has Omega 3 and 6 that is really good for your brain to keep going and creating synapses between your neurons. Synapses are the connections that your brain creates when learning new things and experiences all the time. So tuna will help you a lot to get extra strength in your brain. Actually any fish can do the job but canned tuna is really good if you want a snack that wont take that much of your study time. 

I hope you guys liked this post and hope to be helpful!



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