Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday: Sushi + B-day celebrations

Hey Everyone! 

As you may have noticed, on Sunday is my birthday and i am so exited! i feel i have been talking to you about this a LOT lately and some might get tired of hearing it this much. Today Friday we are going out to eat sushi with my cousins and tomorrow some friends are coming to receive my birthday with some whine and cheese which is nice because i haven't done that in like ages ago. 

So i decided that today's topic for a post was to honour my love for sushi and everything related. 

Did you knew that its name means "sour-tasting"? This is because of the fermentation process of the rice and the tuna in it in the 7th Century China and South-east Asia . It is amazing how such a historical dish has become so popular today all around the globe. 

In the book Sushi: Taste and Techniques from Kimiko Barber you can find the traditional making of this millenarian dish and how to keep a good etiquette while enjoying it at a restaurant or even at a party. It is linked at the side if you are interested in  buying it. 

Sushi has many types but my favourite ones are the makizushis because they the inspiration of the california rolls. 
It is rolled rice filled with the ingredients. Mostly fish and sour creams and avocados are the fillings they use, but also a variation, here in Peru at least, is to replace the fish for chicken or beef meat because seafood is highly allergic and most people are delicate on the stomach and just react badly to it. 

Being composed mainly by fish it makes a healthy choice of a food alternative. It is filled with the good fats that you need, Omegas help to clean your body from the other harmful fats and are a great treat for your heart. 
The nori, another ingredient used in the preparation of the sushi is made from algae and it contains a lot of iodine which is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the correct release of hormones and their effect. Not only they contain iodine but also another nutrients they obtain from the bottom of the sea or where ever they grow at. Check this site to get more info about it and also here to see more health issues. 

So sushi is a yummy dish to have for lunch or dinner and to enjoy a nice night out with friends and family, use that time to bond with them and you will have your tummy and your heart full. 

Tell me, do you like sushi? what kind of sushi? 



*Disclaimer: owns the property of the book, i am just the intermediary for people to get to know which products they have in stock for them to purchase directly through the link added to this post. 

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  1. I love sushi :)
    P.S. I love your birthday countdown :)


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