Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday: Update

Hey Guys! it's been too long I think!

I have been really enjoying my vacations and reading a good amount of books, and I really missed writing blog posts.

On Tuesday was my granddad's birthday and we decided it was going to be a holiday for every member of our family so that we can spend a nice day together. He had been working on an invention of his to make roasted chicken and you know what? it is AMAZING. So we had a pretty nice feast. We sided the dish with a salad and with baked potatoes with Huancaina Sauce. We are somewhat lovers of wine and a glass is never missing.

I took a lot of pictures so that you can watch it. What i like the most of this is that you don't need the use of oils or anything else and it is super healthy. You have to season the chicken first and then just  let it sit for one night and it will make all the meat be impregnated with the taste.

This is what it looks like when you first see it in the grill.

And then we had a beautiful night and sung happy birthday to my "papi" (that's what i call him) and eat cookie cake :) it was so yummy. 

here is a picture of the evening :) 

what a happy Family We are :)

So if you want to spend a nice evening with your family, declare yourselves a little family holiday and do a BBQ and it will make a lot of health benefits for you all. So spend a day out in the back yard and soak in some fresh air and a yummy tasting food right out of the grill. Specially if it's a summer day, which in most of the other hemisphere of the world is, it is going to make you fell much more active and full of life and even happier.

tell me if you enjoy having family time and if so, how to spend it?



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