Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My favourite Lipstick brand

I love the way lipsticks make the lips, of us girls, look gorgeous. My favourite line is from Natura, an ecoefficient line from Brasil which is made from natural substances and nothing else. It has no chemicals added to any of the lines they have. They abstain from producing nail polishes, which are necessary to have any chemicals added by force. They say that these nail polishes damage the environment and can produce green house gasses increasing global warming. 

Natura's lipsticks are really moisturising and you can feel that they are maid super smoothly. They are very pigmented and have a great variety of colours, coming from the darkest plum to the brightest pink they can find. They are great for every season for the reasons mentioned previously and will make your lips smooth and awesome and will complement every makeup look that you want to achieve. 

Where there is a smoky look, or a simple Parisian feel with bold bright red lips they have the perfect shades for every occasion. 

The packaging is super nice and they make them from recycled materials. 

What is also nice, is that you can purchase the refills for all of their products so that you don't en up spending that much money on them because of the packaging. 

This is a line you can find and purchase in Latin America, Mexico and France. So if you are in that areas. I hope you are willing to try them and tell me what you think, not only about lipsticks, but their entire line. 



Disclaimer: I am not being paid by this brand to advertise their products, this are all my honest opinions. 

Picture is from: Natura 

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