Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Estée Lauder Projectionist Mascara


Hey guys! I am practically obsessed with this mascara, the Projectionist Mascara from Estee Lauder and since i bought it a year ago more or less, it's been my favourite. It makes the lashes look full and long and just make your eyes to look bigger and brighter. It enhances them. 

This mascara has a huge wand and the fibres in it are shaped as to fit and catch even the smallest baby lash. It is great for going out at night to give you that dramatic look that you need to really finish your make up. 

The price of it is of $21.00 and for what it can do i totally recommend purchasing it if you think it is going to suit you. If you don't want to spend that much, i think that you can try other drugstore mascaras that can work in the exact same way. Personally i am a little sensitive in my eye area and i have to use mascaras that are not going to produce me any type of allergy to prevent my sight to be red and soar. 

Estee Lauder, is a really good quality brand of make up and works smoothly, at least with mascaras and the formula does not clump and don't leave chunks of product in the lashes. 

hope you liked this mini review! :) 



*Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Estee Lauder to review this product, all opinions are my own. Picture is from

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