Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revlon Polish obsession

Today I was cleaning up my closet racks and I found that i have a huge obsession with nail polishes and specially with Revlon nail polishes. I love that they are always coming up with new fun ideas and the scented ones they have for limited editions are amazing also. 

As many girls may know, having pretty is nails is our goal and a way to express our personalities and a way to make an outfit stand out from the rest by adding that extra pop of colour you are looking for. 

My top 5 nail colours from my collection are: 

From left to right: 
1) Raspberry Rapture- Scented
2) Plum Night
3) Sublime Strawberry- Scented
4) Chocolate Truffle 
5) Plum Seduction 

These are the ones that I normally go for during the year. I love Pinks and purples and for summer some coral colours and bright fun ones that make your tan really stand out. For winter I go for dark colours and reds and sometimes just match the nail polish to what I am wearing for the day. 

I live in Peru and Revlon is a really good drugstore brand and with really great quality. There are other brands here that are cheaper but they are not as good as Revlon. O.P.I is also my favourite brand but here you can't find it that easily and when you do, it is somewhat expensive but it is totally worth it. 

I also find in handy that to have a base and a top coat to protect your nails is also very important because in that way you are not going to stain them and therefore the colour will be removed much easily with the nail polish remover of your preference. I own the Revlon Base+Top Coat and i find that it works really nice until you almost reach the bottom and end of it. When it is almost gone, it will start being sticky (like most nail polishes do when they are almost done) and it just doesn't work any more. Bubbles will start arising and mess up your colour and manicure. 

I have a little trick for this. If you want to make it last at least for the rest of the application and until you buy yourself another flask of a nail polish you love, just add a few drops of nail polish remover into it and shake well. Don't use too much though because that will make it a lot thinner and the colour might loose it's pigmentation and you'll need to apply more than two coats of it. 

I hope you enjoy this post of my latest obsession! 

now tell me, do you love nail polishes as I do? or what is the one makeup item that you can't seem to have enough? 



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