Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Part 1: Basics

I have a lot to love about life, specially if you have to walk your way with it. Shoes are essential for this task and it doesn't matter if they are flats, or skyhigh heels, the shoes are girls best companions.

Heels will make you look slimmer and give you the curves that you like and will complement your outfit and make it to die for. Heels elongate the figure and give the height that you die to have. Flats make you feel comfortable for everyday and to run errands and wonder around town with friends and family. As you may feel fond to just a certain pair in your closet, call it your "life-partner", you can't get enough of your old, lovable other pairs.

For me, an essential to have in your closet is a pair of black pumps. They are always going to fit in perfectly with any outfit you put together for a night out or just hit the city with style. I love the Steve Madden brand and they have a huge variety of pumps that you can choose from here is one of them.

Another essential you ought to have, is a pair of nude princess cut shoes, they are stylish and classic and are never out of season. The Queen of England and they royals love have these because they give the classy feel to an outfit. 

For flats you should find those that are going to make you feel comfortable and just add that sense of being at home without wearing a pair of sleeping slippers. I found this beautiful pair of Tory Burch flats in brown and just felt that they called "urban home" for you to wear them: 

I hope you enjoy this post! and keep an eye on the other parts of this series called Shoes, shoes and more shoes! 



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