Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday: Brunch and Pastas

Hey guys! 

Today I had brunch and it actually was more of lunch than anything else. 

They served a pasta with lemon chicken which was so good that i had to get the recipe from the chef, she was kind enough to come and talk to me about the secret of this pasta (the credit goes to my lovely aunt) and therefore I got it and now i can make it at home! i would change some of the things to make it a lot more healthy. 

Here is my version of it: 


1) 1/2 kg of whole-grain pasta
2) 2 lemons (green lemon for it to be more sour) 
3) 1 spoon of ground garlic
4) 1 seasoning envelope
5) Salt
6) Pepper
7) Half a chicken breast
8) Milk 
9) Olive oil


1) Boil the whole-grain pasta with some salt, no oil. 
2) cut the chicken breast, previously remove the skin, in small squares. 
3) Pour just a little of olive oil in a pan, let it heat and then fry the ground garlic to let the flavour become more noticeable. 
4) Add and fry the chicken breast with some salt and pepper and the seasoning envelope together. 
5) Add a cup of milk to the chicken and mix well, if you like it to be a little more consistent just dissolve in a cup with a small amount of water one spoon of flour and then add that to the milk while boiling. 
6) Finally add the juice of the 2 lemons. Don't worry of the mixture starts separating, it is normal, just mix well. 

For the final serving put the pasta in a plate, and spread the just made cream with the chicken. 

I assure you that it is amazing and fills you the right way. 

(i wish i had taken a picture of my plate!) 

hope you enjoy it and if you try it, tell me what your thoughts are! 



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