Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday: Meal Diary + update

Hey Guys!

I am finally done with my final exams and i am so happy about it! it has been a long couple of weeks and i now feel the relief and ecstatic about it.

It's been a crazy week and as I told before in this blog, i tend to eat a lot when i am anxious or stressed, so i found great healthy snacks to munch on while studying. Click here if you want to see those snack ideas and maybe try them! they are way better than those fatty and fried chips and endless types of stuff.

My meal diary so far has been like follows:



  • Bowl of cereal with milk and just one teaspoon of sugar 
  • An apple 
  • Orange juice
  • Turkey with lemon sauce and steamed veggies
  • Cup of coffee 
  • Water crackers. 


  • Slice of toasted bread.
  • cup of coffee 
  • an orange
  • Criollo Beans (nice Peruvian recipe) 
  • Rice
  • Cup of coffee 
  • Crackers
it actually has been the same for breakfast and dinner as Tuesday and for lunch i had Pasta with some steamed veggies and olive oil.

So that has been so far what i have ingested for meals. I think that balancing out what you eat is better so you don't deprive your appetite so when you are facing temptation you will eat like there's no tomorrow and then feel guilty about it. 

I hope you guys have a great Thursday and remember that eating healthy doesn't mean not eating at all 



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