Saturday, July 23, 2011

Workout Playlist

Hey Everyone! 

I am in a blogging mode right now and i feel motivated to work out hard this days. And i am a much of a music lover and love the different genres there are so i felt that if i did a workout with music the pain of it will be just a mere reflection and not noticeable at all. 

So for this blog I am going to give you my favourite songs to listen when I hit the gym or my park for a run. 

If you are of those people that like super motivating beats and kind of happier tunes to pump up your workout i think that Katy Perry's Firework is awesome, motivating and fun to listen. 

So here is my top ten songs in my playlist to a work out: 

1) My Dilemma- Selena Gomez
2) DJ got us falling in love again- Usher ft. Pitbull
3) Raise your glass- Pink
4) King of anything- Sara Bareilles
5) Summer Moon- David Geta
6) Don't Stop Believing- Glee Cast
7) You sexy thing- Barry White
8) Memories-David Geta
9) Price Tag- Jessie J. ft B.o.B
10) Firework- Katy Perry

I think that if you have something that makes you have fun and a great time while working out, you won't feel the work and just enjoy yourself. You might even find that you go along with the beats and that time passes by as fast as you blink. 

Hope you enjoyed this little bog post!

now tell me, which songs do you listen to while workingout? 

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