Monday, July 25, 2011

Yummy Mango Juice

Hey guys!

So today has been just a little interesting, i went to have some drinks with a couple of my very deer friends because one them is going to study to the U.S in Kansas in just two days and we needed desperately to see each other before the good-bye and we went to this place and I was not in the mood to ask for coffee so i decided that i was going to have a juice. 

I scanned through the menu to see what fruits they had available and my eye got caught in a raspberry juice, so i decided to go for it. Unfortunately, my dreams were crashed when the waitress said to me that they were out of raspberries. Disappointed as I was, started scanning the menu again and settled finally for a mango juice. They did had Mango and OMG! it was the best juice i've ever tried! It was heaven in my mouth and seemed to me that the fruit was supper fresh and sweet that they didn't had to put any sugar in it. 

So after the disappointing experience with the raspberries, my second choice was so worth it! 

Tell me, what is your go-to juice? 



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