Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to College/University: Eating habits

Hey guys!

Now that university and college classes are about to start, people are concerned that while they study they are going to have less time to concentrate on their eating habits and that they might gain  weight while they do so. I am one of those people that are concerned and just don't know how to balance the hectic life of university or college. 

After many months trying to loose weight and seemed to be doing well for a time, i can now say that something that seemed difficult (while eating at college cafeteria or elsewhere) has now become a lot easier. I normally pack my own lunch and find a place where i can eat it peacefully and enjoy it. I normally pack a good piece of meat (either chicken or turkey) and a potato and some steamed veggies. And to drink just a water bottle and sometimes, when it gets too cold, i buy a cup of coffee. It is always a good idea to pack a fruit also so you can snack on it at mid morning or if you have late classes to eat them at mid afternoon a couple hours later than lunch so that you don't feel hunger. 

A small tip: If you feel hunger and don't have a fruit at your reach it the time and all you have is a water bottle, you just drink some of it and the feeling will end up like a relieve for your stomach. 

I hope you guys find this post helpful!



Picture is from Leeds Metropolitan University site

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  1. i usually get super hungry at school so drinking water just makes me more aware how hungry i am.. i hope i can survive this semester without too much hunger. my thursdays are the worst as it seems. only break i have is lunch time. everything else until 10pm, i only get a 10minute break... dear me, my dinner has been robbed!


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