Monday, August 22, 2011

Clothes 101: Working out Outfits part 2

Hey guys!

I know it took a lot of time to get the second part of this "series" but I have been watching all the new trends that are coming for the work out kind of business. Now people like the good old spandex pants and even use the leggins as workout pants. 

In other words, people love been comfortable is the KEY. I know this is a recurring subject in this type of posts, specially for the girls and women that go for hikes and biking and even inside of a gym for dance classes or boot-camps that make you sweat your life out (FAT BURNING BABY). Now I was planning to make a side note and focus more on the people that like to build up muscle and tone their body and how wearing a perfect outfit can help you to be at the top of that goal. 

First of all you need (again) comfortable clothes and a little heavy clothes so that you add a little extra effort 
to your work out and push yourself a little further. 

wearing some baggy clothes that can make you sweat, is the most important factor to burn the fat and start toning and building up muscle. Remember: always make sure to do the right exercises for the goal you want to achieve with a PT (personal trainer) or in the gym you go to. 

A woman always need to have support, remember the essentials by clicking here to see that, and use a sports bra under those clothes. A hoody can make you sweat and it is not so light so it make your workout to have some more intensity. 

I found a good deal on them in VS Pink collection and instantly thought that Pink= GIRLY, so I had to add some of their items. The one that I liked the most is the Yoga half-zip Pullover and it has a nice ensemble and comes in a variety of other colours other than grey. 

They have zip-up hoodies and hoodies with no zippers, which I personally like the most because I feel that they are more comfortable and the zipper doesn't get in the way while you are running or exercising. 

I guess I find always something from VS because I instantly think that working out must also be a fun way to be the fashionable self that you are. 

Also find some baggy pants and some comfy running shoes or shoes that are suitable for the type of workout you are doing. 

In honour of getting the perfect training shoes, I found this pair of trainers of course, they are pink haha! and they are nikes, what else can you ask for ? ok here is the picture of them: 

As I was saying, get a pair of baggy pants that can make you sweat even more and push you a lot further with your routine. If you can, get those sauna suits and start working out with the pants or only with the top because working with the both can make you supper hot and make dehydration. So keep a water bottle always next to you while you workout. 

Here are some pictures of the Baggy Pants 

And a picture of the sauna suits: 



I got the pictures from here, herehere and here.   

*Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated to any of the sites mentioned above in this post. All opinions are my own. I did not received any profits from doing this post. 

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