Saturday, August 6, 2011

DKNY perfumes

I am in love with all Donna Karan perfumes, apple like shapes are really tempting to me! 

They are the most glamorous perfumes I have seen. This love started when i was 14 years old and saw on the store this beautiful perfume bottle so that I just had to approach the guy testing it and said "WHAT IS THAT?" so the guy very kindly helped me out and I tested the perfume and just fell in love at that very first moment. 

My parents knew how much I loved the scent that they bought it for me for my 15th birthday and i think people started to notice that i loved perfumes and that year I received like 10 different perfumes. 

The next approach with Donna Karan was with the Red Delicious which is also a supper sweet scent and once again, the love started to become more intense. I just had to have it and finally i did. 

I started my senior year! yey! and for graduation my parents got me the Delicious Night perfume which was more of a night scent and it inspired me to love black, purple and white together for my graduation party. 

DKNY is a really nice brand and the scents they come up with are just so appealing to me, because they are sweet and apple-ish with undertones of flowers and stuff. 

Tell me if you like perfumes and which brands are you in love with! 



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  1. I'm thinking of trying one of the DKNY purfumes, everyone seems to really like them.

    I'm following both your blogs, follow back? :)


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