Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fashion for your cellphone WHAT?

I recently got my self a blackberry phone and I am in love (I think I love so many things!) and just not by the way it looks but also the amount of applications you can put into it to help your life be much more easier. An example is that if you want to recognise who is calling you and is someone important for you, you can add an app called whoisit? and will allow you to change the colour of the led light to help you recognise people. 
Not only for the people that have blackberries their phone is essential, iPhones, Androids and every other type of phones contain their entire life and, why not help your life feel a lot fashionable?  Your phone is something you are always carrying with you at all times, yo have it on your hand, even more time that you would carry your purse. I think they are just the perfect accessories, and essentials for the every day life routine. 

That is why I feel that you can combine it perfectly to your outfits and even to your personality! Sometimes having a lot to combine with can get way too expensive, but have a different few choices to make them work or have just one case that will flatter your personal style and personality. 

Here are some ideas you can get: 
1) Edge Girl
The girly meets edgy style, it's cute and makes the red roses pop with the colour. This shield is called 3-D Rose Dagger. 

2) In-love

For the girls that are in-love with life, or with their partners this is just a cute way to demonstrate that you love and heart what you like and even your job, to remind you that there is something more. It's a really nice shield full of colour and girly and sweet. 

3) Peace and Love

For those of you that have the hippy feel running through your veins, this is the perfect way to sanctify it and let your pride show! I think tha combinations with black and the colours just make them feel more alive and really show what they want to achieve. 

4) Bling-a-licious

If you are more in to high-end and quality and more pricey luxurious bling, just bedazzle people with the swaroski cristal embeded cases. They are amazing and pretty and just everything girly that you want to show. 

Enough of personality, lets show some outfit combos for your phone.

Go for bold colours, one-shade or in gradients from light to dark are going to make the perfect plus for any outfit. Personally i feel that going for those colours you are never to be wrong and look perfectly come together for any occasion, a night out with the girls down town, a stroll around the city or a lunch date. 

All the pictures and cases are from Cellairis  and they have really cool accessories for every device you own. 

I hope this has been helpful! 

Tell me, do you like to combine your phone to what you wear? or you are more of the types that show off their personality with them? 



*Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote any of the cases mentioned above by Cellairis. I am just giving my opinions on this item. This is 100% my own opinions. 

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