Friday, August 26, 2011

Olsen Sh-molsen?

As much as I love these twin sisters in their movie roles and everything, I can't say the same about their fashion sense. Sometimes we see them looking fab! and sometimes they are just not doing themselves justice. They are gorgeous and have fame, they have their issues, they have problems like we all do, but just to look like this on the red carpet, is just not acceptable for people that have been so long in the industry. 

Some people might love their style because they say they are original and just show their personality. Which I agree with up to certain point. You can match your personality with well fitted clothes that complement your body and make you more yourself. For example, they used this beautiful dresses to a red carpet event and they looked great! They showed that they are relaxed, fashion forward designers without going from classy to tacky and found the perfect middle for what they are trying to achieve. 

  I am not saying that they can't wear what they want, but there are times and places where you actually need to step a little forward to show that they are what they are with class and just WELL FITTED clothes.



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