Friday, August 19, 2011

Sobe LifeWater Review

Hey guys!

I just started classes, as you may know from my previous post, and in one of my trips to university I purchased the Sobe LifeWater in fuji apple pear and I thought it was good. I had previously tried the one in yumberry pomegranate and I loved it, specially cause it was pink :) but that time I went for the fuji apple pear cause it was different and I'd never heard of it. 

Here in Peru we only have two flavours, the black and blue berry is not available but I wish it was because I like the taste, at least, of blue berries. Even though there are more flavours available I think that those 3 are the most popular. 

The LifeWaters contain a lot of beneficial components and ingredients to help your health be optimal. The majority of their flavours are 0-calories and they taste good (at least the ones I've tried). They have a wide range coming from antioxidants to energy boosters. The energy boosters are a combination of vitamins B's and they help you go through your day like if you've had a red bull, but in a healthier way. 

They contain natural flavours and they sweeten their products with Stevia extract which come from a plant and doesn't contain a lot of chemicals like other sweeteners do. 

I really think that this product is really good if you want to treat yourself with other than just water and make a full experience from it.



*Disclaimer: I am not receiving any type of compensation by making this review by SoBe in any way. These are all my own opinions and are all 100% honest. 

Picture is from: Deal Seeking Mom 

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