Monday, August 8, 2011

Teen Choice Awards

demi lovato selena gomez teen choice 01Yesterday were the teen choice awards and the blue carpet was star struck. Artists showed up and you could just see that they are all very juvenile and fresh for this type of awards and they really put an effort to be those perfect role models for teens, and, as i have stopped being one my self a month ago, they really have an impact on young adults as may I say of us. 

People wore a lot of different colours but golds and yellows and oranges and bright pinks were the stars. In my opinion, Demi Lovato could've worked her outfit more with her tan and go for a bright pink or turquoise which would have really flattered her body figure and tan even more.  
But over all she looked gorgeous, even though I am not a huge fan of yellow on her. 

blake lively tcas 2011 01

On the other hand, Blake Lively rocked a bright orange dress that made her look amazing and super young and feminine, and  it really accentuated her waist line and her long beautiful legs (kind of jealous there!). 

The way she did her hair also flattered her face and gave her the fresh young glow. 

I loved her outfit and the shoes she wore! you can never go wrong with cheetah print ! 

I think that i like bright colours for summer because they really give the feeling that they are enjoying the beach and the sun and everything summery. 

What did you think about the outfits worn at the TCA's? did you liked them or didn't liked them and which celeb was yay or nay with their choices? 



*Disclaimer: Pictures belong to JustJaredJr. and JustJared respectively. I do not own them. All opinions are my own. 

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