Friday, August 19, 2011

watches and new shoes :)

I recently got from my aunt living in Cannes, France a super fun watch which is like a bracelet that you just wrap around your wrist like one of those that don't need any locks or anything which is awesome so that you are not suffering to hook them. It came with 4 different bracelets that you can switch according to your outfit. The colours are Pink, Blue, Black and White and are the basic ones that can go with all your clothes and make a beautiful piece of an accessory.  

On my road trip I came across a beautiful pair of ankle booties and just loved them (this is when my love at first sight flourishes for clothes and shoes and handbags hehe) and just had to get them and then IT HAPPENED they where on SALE! and also they were having a BUY 1 GET ONE FREE! and YES i got another pair of ankle booties because I was just needing them for the cold weather we have here.  I fell for them the instant I walked through the glass window they had them in. 

I'd wish I had the picture Now, but when i do I'll update this post to let you guys see them :) 



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