Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weakness: Cotton Candy

Hey guys!

I am a huge fan of cotton candy, it is so sweet and cottony and it's just like eating a cloud from the sky that just makes it much more fun to eat it.

As a little child, I would go with my mum and grandmother to the voting centre they had to for the elections of the time, and i loved to buy cotton candy and caramel apples, those two were my favourite candies to ask for while waiting. 

Cotton candy is a guilty pleasure of mine, and now that i notice, the majority of my guilty pleasures are food... that isn't good i think! But if you can enjoy it every once in a long while, if it makes you happy, then enjoy it at it's fullest. 

Cotton Candy Clouds
(Cotton Candy Clouds!) 

I think it just makes the little kid inside of me to be always smiling and happy. 
So tell me, what makes your inside kid be happy?
image is from: Cotton Clouds

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