Friday, September 9, 2011

For all of you fashion lovers!

Guys, i am proud to say that I am a FASHION ADDICT. SHOES are the biggest thing for me. I like to mix and match outfits around the shoes that I am going to wear. I've been loving, a 1000% of the polyvore website where you can create the looks you love, find high end fashion pieces play around with them and experiment all the great ways that you can use fashion for. 

I have been playing around it for a little time and I have gotten to get a lot of love and found that my inspirations give the class and youthful feels to the outfits I create in the page. You might have already noticed from previous posts like Jade my Mind, Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf inspired, Pop! of Burgundy and the latest outfit Boho-meets-me. All of these outfits are based around the shoes I find in the page and are just the high-lights of them all and I love them! If only i could have them all ! 

I think these outfits reflect my personality, I am a girl that is nuts for classy styles of clothes but like to have fun every now and them with the prettiest colours that I find in the pallet. 

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf Inspired
Jade my mindBoho-meets-ME

I like giving neutral colours to the outfits so that i get to dress them beautifully with the rest of accessories as you can see above. 

I recommend you to go visit the polyvore website and check the amazing things they have! you can visit others people profiles and check their collections. 

Click here to go check my profile :) and create your own to show that you also are a fashion addict! 



*Diclaimer: I am not affiliated to the web page, I am using it and just loved it that I thought I had to share it with people that are also into fashion. All are my honest opinions. 

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