Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update + Bobble

Hey guys! 

I know I've been MIA this past days, but I've had a really hectic time in University, my classes are much more challenging this semester so I have to concentrate 120% on them because if I miss anything I might loose track and lower my grades, which I am not up for it. BTW, have you seen the new blogger layout? I think it's much nicer, haha :) 

So, A very random post this is going to be. I have been eyeing a new product, called the water bobble, which it a water bottle that has a filter in it so that you can fill it with tap water and it will filter all the bad particles and impurities from it and drink it right from it. Here in Peru you can't find it but by the US it's much easier. I think it is a great option to have one of those because in that way you are not going to have to buy all those commercial water bottles which add up to contaminate the world. 

It is a really eco-friendly product and I feel it makes it all better, right? 

My Aunt is going to Cali for a month and I will try to convince her to go buy one for me and if she becomes interested she might pick one for herself also. People now a days just get more interest in being hydrated so, why not try it? You can find it at Target, Macy's, Clair's, GNC, Wallgreen's and more places. So I am in the hunt for it! wish me luck <3

Another thing I've been wanting to get is an ipod touch with the gadget that you introduce in your running shoes and tells you how many miles you've ran and how many calories you've burned. I think it is great to increase the fitness and the metabolism of your body. 

I have not been going to work out, which is something that I MUST start doing again because I am feeling it. I think I might have gained a couple pounds but I started to eat a lot healthier and they are wearing off. But with the exercise i am going to tone my body. 

I think this is the end of the post, keep an eye for new posts every now and then, when I am able to have some free time I might pre-write some and just post them some days of the week. 

Love you guys! 



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