Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 foods that get to your hips

Hey guys!

It's another day and another of my lists come up! who isn't worried about the food they eat and how are they going to affect their body? I think that this is my biggest scare as it is for the most of the girls out there. Can we eat chocolate? A cupcake? A McDonald's Burger with extra cheese and bacon? Where do they go in our body??

All these questions are just getting us more and more worried, right? I know, I AM worried!

So now, we are going to get in details and more details. 

5) Fondue: As much as you may love your fondue (all that cheese and more cheese on top of MORE cheese) it's time to go cutting it out. Cheese is a killer one, specially the one used for fondue. It contains a lot of calories and fat and grease that will just serve as food for your hips and they might get fatter and larger. I think it is also best to eat it in moderation every once in a long (and by long i mean like 6 months apart) time so that it is not damaging your health. 

4) French Fries: They are the best companions of the next food that is not healthy for you at all. Because they are fries, they need to be deeped in hot boiling (guess what?) yes OIL. It has toxins and saturated fats that are just not good for you. 

3) Cheeseburger: Yes this is the companion of your fries i was talking about. Fried Burger plus cheddar cheese plus mayo and all those sauces and the French Fries are just a killer combo. All the fat is going directly to your hips ladies! we are like hamsters in that way, we accumulate, just not in our cheeks but in our hips (bummer). 

2) Pasta: Yes, and I feel disappointed by this. You know I love me some pasta every now and then. But white wheat pasta is the worst. Lasagne  as an example has more or less 3000 calories because of the ingredients. 

1) Burritos: Good lord, Mexicans are great for inventing all types of yummy food! but unfortunately this just makes your health go under the scope of calories and fat and to get greased arteries.  

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and that you are aware of what to avoid for the moment to have a healthier diet <3 



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