Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair up? or hair down?

I am one of the people that like her hair down better, but i also like it put together in a braid or in a pony tail. 
There are a lot of styles of up do's that you can rock, in summer specially so that your hair is not making you sweat, which happens a lot because you feel you have a scarf or something like that covering your neck and maybe your back (if you have really long hair like I do). 

There are knots, buns, high braids, French twisted braided knots and many more. 

For a more sophisticated look the buns are super cute to draw the attention to the dress you are wearing. Like this ones:


prom updos for short hair. updos for long hair

Or maybe more casual looks, messier and sexier like the following ones: 

Or maybe you like to braid your hair and feel more comfortable wearing them: 

So tell me, how do you like your hair to be better? in an updo or your hair down? 



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