Friday, October 14, 2011

Random: POP corn and Soda

Today I will be going to the movies, it is a tradition we have with my parents, we love the movies so much that once every two weeks we will go and watch one of them. What I like the most to ask in the shop is for popcorn and a soda, It is so not healthy, but so yummy, the soda of my preference is Fanta or any other with an orange flavour. 

I like the popcorn they cook, they are not so like the ones you make at home, they have other taste, it's just different. 

I was bored and I decided to talk to you about this little tradition we have. We normally ask for a medium popcorn for the 3 of us and get individual small or medium sodas :) it is just a small treat we get ourselves.

what kind of traditions you have with the ones you love? 



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