Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Part 2: Fun Colours

Some women are just sceptical about wearing fun colours on their feet and some are just more daring and go for the craziest ones. Every single one of you, at least once, had thought that you should pump up your shoe closet with those bright colours, but just backed up because you didn't thought that it would go well with the clothes you have.

Any plain outfit can be really well complemented by a fun shoe and will make it stand up and look a lot dressed up or dressed down. And now that you have your basic shoe guide, I think that having a fun shoe guide can help you grab the courage you need to spice up your outfits. 

At some point you will want to have a Red Shoe, red shoes are great to combine when you have an all black outfit or really nude outfit. The pop of colour that it brings to it just makes you look more daring and will turn the looks, maybe at first some people just wont notice, but with the attitude that you'll be given by the simple fact that you ARE wearing them, people will start noticing. Remember, the shoes are the stars of that outfit and you have to give them their place. 

I found these gorgeous pair of red pumps


which are from Lanvin and are red patent and suede high heels  and the silhouette they have will make your feet look a lot refined and slimmer giving you that extra boost of confidence.

Another fun colour to rock for Fall is an emerald green. It is such a nice colour that will turn heads and just make you feel the Queen of the place you are at.

For example this one here, which is a high heeled, hidden platform pumps that will make your legs elongated and your figure more lean

A colour that I have always been eyeing is bubblegum, Barbie like shoes just because they are fun, girly and flirty all the way.

Christian Laboutin has the best pair I have seen, peep toed and beautiful.

Yellow shoes, yes YELLOW. They are the colour of the sun and it will brighten the day way better cause you have a small portion of the sun with you.

And it's never too much to go eye some rainbow fun and young shoes because at the end of every rainbow there is a jackpot waiting for you to get it if you follow it. 

Once again...Laboutins 

Sky high heels are the best friends of girls around the world, make sure you love what you wear, and the most important thing... adopt your shoes personality and you'll have the right attitude to get them right at once. 

Hope you guys liked this post! 



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  1. omg those last laboutins are to dine for!!! LOVE them!


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