Thursday, December 8, 2011

BBQ lovers

Hey guys!

Yesterday we spent an awesome night with great friends and amazing food! it's that time of year were the semester just ended and you got a lot off of your chest and brain... and now you want to spend all the leisure time having fun and making the best out of every moment. 

For summer days and pretty nice spring nights, we tend to like going out to dinner and sometimes our choices are not the best and we end up eating a huge plate of pasta and drinks filled with sugar. But i have a pretty nice option for you! and a healthy one too. 

Instead of going out to eat, why not gather your friends at your house or apartment complex for a barbecue? it's fun, it's easy and it's so good and tasty! What i like the most of bbq's is that you don't fry stuff, the food is completely clean from the oils you use in your kitchen and while grilling them some of the fat contained in the meats just melt away and are not re-absorbed by the meat you are grilling. 

Side the meats with a nice big salad and in that way you are eating balanced, if you like baked potatoes, go ahead and but them in the grill covered with tinfoil and they will be super nice and will have a smoked taste to them. 

As for the meats, I recommend buying chicken, pork and even lean beef which has less fat then the normal steaks. Try to avoid hot-dogs and hamburgers, but one every now and then does not hurt anybody. the buns are not a must, because if you have potatoes... then don't mix carbs try having either one or another to avoid temptations. 

BBQ's are great ideas to spend those summer evenings and nights with your family and friends staying healthy and having a balanced diet 

I hope you guys are enjoying this month <3



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