Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas excitement!

Hey Everyone! 

So I am finally done with the semester, my finals went, the majority of them, great! i am closing with really good grades and I am proud of it :) all the hard work is paying off. My cousin has just ended her career and i feel sooo proud of her also! she's graduating from the same university i'm in and now i see that all the hard and long hours of not sleeping do pay off <3

And now, what I've been waiting for this whole time! Christmas time! shopping for the presents, cooking and trying not to gain those extra pounds from the food, specially because bikini season is starting for the southern hemisphere and I am, unlucky me, there. 

I love the fact that now I am going to have more time to write my blog more often and get in touch with you all more. 

let the christmas spirit take over my blog to make us all more happy <3 



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