Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas treats

Hey Guys!

I wanted to know which Christmas treat is your favourite and which is a tradition for your family to bake, or cook for the time? 

My favourite Christmas treats are gingerbread cookies, i love them and I am pretty good at baking them, normally i am the one who bakes them every year at home and we love love love them and their taste and how they are spicy and super sweet. 

This is going to be all about sweets btw, because we love sweets and which time of year is the best to get a hang on them than Christmas? I don't know either hahaha. 

The next treat that I love, is a German cake recipe that my mom does every year with all kinds of dried fruits and is a really heavy and moisture-y cake and iced with Italian meringue and it just runs so nicely and is so good, If I find a picture I'll put it down here. 

Yey I found this picture of the so delicious cake :) and yes, we baked it and decorated it and was so perfectly amazing. 

Those are basically the two treats that I adore for this season. This year I'll be trying to bake some gingerbread cupcakes and I hope they turn out good and if they do, I'll post a picture here so that you can see how they turned out. 



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