Thursday, December 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton Luggage

I see everywhere celebs rocking their LV luggage and they look so fab with them. This makes me want to get a hold of at least one piece of their branch and travel with style like they do. My favourite pieces are the following, sort of a Christmas wishlist for this time of year <3 

I will always love the monogram canvas line because it is the staple for all LV products and just give the brand their identity and their luggage line only comes in it, which is amazing for me. This is high-end fashion for your trips. (one day Stephanie, one day <3) 

For the business trips that one day I'll be doing (hopefully) i think a nice piece to have is the Garment Carrier-5 hangers and is super easy to carry around. 

The next item is this beautiful Alzer 70, which looks like those travel trunks from the past of the early to mid 20's and are just too stylish and a signature of the glam world. 

and last but not least, is this super cute toiletry case to keep all the make-up and the necessities for your traveling experience and doing so in fashion and glamour. 

I hope you guys are having an awesome month and are looking forward to this holiday 



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