Thursday, December 1, 2011

So December is here...

Hey Everyone! 

I can't belief the year is almost over! It's hollyday season and final exams for me begin this Saturday!  I've been crazy busy this past month and i am SO eager to stop running like a headless chicken all over the place :) I want to focus on the hollydays and begin decorating my house...yes I know, i still haven't done it and that makes me feel sad. I love the Christmas spirit, it makes me feel much much more happy and alive. 

As a tradition, in my family we tend to focus on the dinner table for Christmas and we prepare some jummy recipes and just thinking about them make my mouth water. I really wish i had healthier versions of them but, it's just that time of year in which you can indulge a bit with all the flavour and the jumminess of the season. 

As soon as I finish my final exams, I am TOTALLY going back at writing regular posts in here, i feel i have a lot of things to say and so not enough time. 

Hope you are enjoying the spirit of this season and making the best out of every moment! 

talk to you all, so very soon <3


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