Wednesday, May 25, 2011

second week dieting

I'm sorry i've been M.I.A these days, but i've had so much school work the past week that i needed to keep it up and well had a little time for any other thing except for sleep and meals. Balancing is HARD hahaha. 

So the past days i had been eating really healthy and got just one sweet treat! that is a plus for me. but weighed myself after a week but i can't seem to be losing any of the weight! and i feel so frustrated! i have reduced my food ingestion and changed for the good and healthy food. I don't know what else to do, i need some advise and   totally have to make some other changes in order to lose the amount of weight i want to shake off. 

 wow, i feel stuck! 




Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoping Around!

Finally i got to eat my apple! hahaha

I hope everyone had a great day!

Today, for me, was a busy day and was running from one place to another and doing things from school and everything. That is the most important thing to me right now and to make my lifestyle change the smoothest as i can and trying to balance everything out is just sometimes too hard and maybe some break downs are on the way. But i know habits are something that people need to reinforce on themselves in order to be successful in what ever they engage  with. I am very methodical in what i do and like am sort of a control freak.

So when i say HOPING AROUND, i literally am hoping around so my diet for today was an apple, a mango, another fruit that i don't know how to write haha and a cream cheese sandwich, not a the perfect meal but a lot healthier than eating potato chips and all that greasy fast food.

I had no time to eat that well so that was my go-to food. i had breakfast really early in the morning because i had classes all morning and all afternoon till 9 at night. I am so sleepy but i need to finish some more homework due for this week.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friend's Support

Hi there! this is day three in my diet plan. 

Today i got to catch up with one of my best friends and she is the best support system ever! even though we most of the time just don't get along with the "diet" thing and just go nuts with comfort food hehe. We sat at the coffee house of campus, chatted a long time and then we were joined by one of our guy friends who we are really close to and started to ramble about everything and every little insignificant thing we could imagine! 

i know this is just a short blog post, but sometimes your friends and family are the best people to support you when you have to take a decision and you need to know that they stand next to you and care for you!
So love the people around you that love you and tell them you love them too. 

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there" .- Old saying


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day 2...Apples

Good day everyone? 

well, today i woke up and made me some breakfast, i had one corn tortilla with a piece of avocado, and since here in Peru the winter is hitting a cup of coffee is always a good way to go for the cold weather. Then i proceeded to go to university and sit down for a 3 hour lecture of accounting. I don't know how i go through it but definitely drinking water makes it sound and easier, don't ask me why, maybe it's the fact that drinking water makes my mind wonder for a little while off of the topic that is so dreadful and difficult. I wanted to eat an apple so i forced my self to go to the cafeteria and hunt for one. Obviously i had to cross the yard and the field and battle with the COLD WIND, by the time i got there i found out that they DO NOT sell apples or any other kind of fruits unless they are in a fruit salad, which i was not likely to pay for it just wanting a simple APPLE.  So as decided as i was, i said to them that they should sell apples and a lot more people would be happy that they could find an apple.

Tip: Eating an apple a day increases your body defences and are great antioxidants.

Now, as a highlight of my day after the apple feud, i got to spend a nice evening relaxing at home and got to eat dinner with my parents as the cute little family we are, i'm an only child. We had a home made soup by my momma! :) 

And if you are wondering if i had any sweet cravings, i did, but calmed it down with a piece of chocolate and that made an awesome job! 


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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Diet, new life style

Hello everyone! this is my first entry in this blog. With it i am going to try to make my way through the process of losing weight at lot easier because i need some support and with it i hope everyone gets inspired and follow my footsteps into a healthier life style. 

Here is an intro to what I am like dieting wise. I have a super sweet tooth that i need to control. literally i love all about sweets and candies and all that GOOD stuff i love the cupcakes, lolli pops, cakes, flans, pudin and oh god, just talking about it makes my mouth water. Also I love good food, and all food really, I live in Peru so it is normal for us peruvians to appreciate our cuisine and eat it right with rice and potatoes even though you shouldn't mix them both. Another thing you should know is that i am LAZY so lazy that the song by Bruno Mars seems so active! so working out is not an option for me, at least those long and tiring hours at the gym. I am a University student and my time is partially limited and my energy is all drained by long hours of study and moving from one place to another, so that is part a workout for me.  

Now, on to the hard business, dieting. I have opted to reduce my consumption of bread, cut completely the fried stuff because it is so not healthy and it goes into the fat of your body more quickly. I can not live without any sweets so i am going to allow myself have just one small piece of anything sweet to satisfy my sweet cravings, Also include vegetables to the diet because the green in them help to burn out some of the extra calories you intake when you eat not so healthy food. you should never cut out everything because if you go to eat one day and are just not in the mood to eat just "plants" it's not going to harm your diet that much if you were eating everything but just in small portions. 

This is a long way to walk but i am going to do my best to keep it up! 

Wish me luck and i hope you get inspired! 

xo A
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