Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthy Spotlight: Almonds

Hey guys!

I recently found a new love. Almonds. They are super nice and I find that they are a great snack to keep you going mid morning or mid evening. I like to eat them raw, just because, to me, they taste better. You can eat them toasted also. I like to steel cut them and then toast them to accompany my yoghurt and a banana. 

Ever since I started eating them I started to do some research and found out that they carry a lot of proteins and good fats that help you loose weight eating them the right way. You can eat 20-25 almonds a day because that is the optimum amount of proteins and oils that are going to be good for you, lets say 5-8 grams of proteins  are contained in each almond, so adding up they make you feel full and not starve till your next meal. 

Vegans are all nuts about almonds, they love almond milk which is a really good substitute of regular milk and even has almost the same amount of proteins milk has. As you can see, almonds have really beneficial  characteristics and components in them that will make you feel good. 

So what are you waiting for?! grab those almonds for a snack and start feeling the effect!

I hope you enjoyed this small post as much as I did writing it and sharing with you my new found love and the benefits it has for your health. ;)



Friday, September 9, 2011

For all of you fashion lovers!

Guys, i am proud to say that I am a FASHION ADDICT. SHOES are the biggest thing for me. I like to mix and match outfits around the shoes that I am going to wear. I've been loving, a 1000% of the polyvore website where you can create the looks you love, find high end fashion pieces play around with them and experiment all the great ways that you can use fashion for. 

I have been playing around it for a little time and I have gotten to get a lot of love and found that my inspirations give the class and youthful feels to the outfits I create in the page. You might have already noticed from previous posts like Jade my Mind, Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf inspired, Pop! of Burgundy and the latest outfit Boho-meets-me. All of these outfits are based around the shoes I find in the page and are just the high-lights of them all and I love them! If only i could have them all ! 

I think these outfits reflect my personality, I am a girl that is nuts for classy styles of clothes but like to have fun every now and them with the prettiest colours that I find in the pallet. 

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf Inspired
Jade my mindBoho-meets-ME

I like giving neutral colours to the outfits so that i get to dress them beautifully with the rest of accessories as you can see above. 

I recommend you to go visit the polyvore website and check the amazing things they have! you can visit others people profiles and check their collections. 

Click here to go check my profile :) and create your own to show that you also are a fashion addict! 



*Diclaimer: I am not affiliated to the web page, I am using it and just loved it that I thought I had to share it with people that are also into fashion. All are my honest opinions. 



Cheap Monday cream shirt
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Miss Selfridge short shorts
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Bibi Bijoux heart bracelet
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pop! of Burgundy

Pop! of Burgundy

Mulberry rose print dress
$2,300 - mulberry.com

Mulberry herringbone jacket
$950 - mulberry.com

Via Spiga heel booties
$250 - nordstrom.com

Chain strap bag
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Heart jewelry

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Update + Bobble

Hey guys! 

I know I've been MIA this past days, but I've had a really hectic time in University, my classes are much more challenging this semester so I have to concentrate 120% on them because if I miss anything I might loose track and lower my grades, which I am not up for it. BTW, have you seen the new blogger layout? I think it's much nicer, haha :) 

So, A very random post this is going to be. I have been eyeing a new product, called the water bobble, which it a water bottle that has a filter in it so that you can fill it with tap water and it will filter all the bad particles and impurities from it and drink it right from it. Here in Peru you can't find it but by the US it's much easier. I think it is a great option to have one of those because in that way you are not going to have to buy all those commercial water bottles which add up to contaminate the world. 

It is a really eco-friendly product and I feel it makes it all better, right? 

My Aunt is going to Cali for a month and I will try to convince her to go buy one for me and if she becomes interested she might pick one for herself also. People now a days just get more interest in being hydrated so, why not try it? You can find it at Target, Macy's, Clair's, GNC, Wallgreen's and more places. So I am in the hunt for it! wish me luck <3

Another thing I've been wanting to get is an ipod touch with the gadget that you introduce in your running shoes and tells you how many miles you've ran and how many calories you've burned. I think it is great to increase the fitness and the metabolism of your body. 

I have not been going to work out, which is something that I MUST start doing again because I am feeling it. I think I might have gained a couple pounds but I started to eat a lot healthier and they are wearing off. But with the exercise i am going to tone my body. 

I think this is the end of the post, keep an eye for new posts every now and then, when I am able to have some free time I might pre-write some and just post them some days of the week. 

Love you guys! 



Friday, September 2, 2011

August Favourites (my first favourites ever)!

So August flew away, University started again and now, I want to present you to my favourites:

1) Beauty and Fashion:

a) I love my Estee Lauder Mascara and primer, they both are great together because the primer protects and hydrates the lashes and makes them look healthier and, I don't know if I imagine it, but makes them look curlier and longer.
b) I started using a deeper/reddish brown, which is a colour deeper than the one I showed in my Revlon Polish Obsession post and I feel it is more suitable for winter and fall, I like very deep or muddy like colours because they give that feel of falling leaves and grey skies.
c) Another product that I've been wearing a lot this month are a pair of ugg boots because they keep my feet warm and are supper comfortable for classes and those early hours, and for the people that are checking my twitter they might know that I have supper early classes 3 days out of 4 for my week.
d) I love to use my blue purse for university because it is so huge that everything fits in it. I am Purse Loving it!

2) Miscellaneous:

a) Favourite song:

b) Favourite Book: 

c) Favourite "Make me smile" moment: 

d) Favourite Quote: 
A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying." 
B. F. Skinner 
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