Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healthy Spotlight: Blueberries

Hey there my loves!  

Recently I've found that blueberries are a great fruit to munch on and as a great complement for cereal and oats. I know many of you might already like this combo, but i actually never got interested in it specially because the looks of it was not nice for me at all. 

Later I decided to try it and see why many people liked it. And I got hooked. But it is just not the taste that fascinates me, it's also the amount of health benefits it provides. 

Here are 3 main characteristics of blueberries and why you should incorporate them in your diet. 

1.- They are great anti-oxidants. They help slow down the process of ageing of your body and provide you with extra energy. 

2.- They help to keep in pin point your memory making it sharper and better. 

3.- They contain a great amount of vitamins and minerals which increase the nutritional value of any of the food you pair them with. 

Remember, good food pairing is they key point to make your body happy and your energy at a good level. 



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