Thursday, January 26, 2012

UPDATE: Getting Driving license

Hey Guys! 

I've been like a busy bee this month! i have been going to driving lessons so that I can get my license FINALLY. I've been driving like crazy and the theory part is the worst one of them all. I get bored so easily but luckily i have my blackberry with me so i can cheat a bit and distract my self a few seconds from the class. 

I have been drinking a lot of water lately and also a lot of sodas....which is not good, but what can I say...I get distracted while I can and cheat a LOT. 

As far as personal life, my grandma underwent 2 surgeries, one yesterday and the other one two weeks ago, everything went smoothly and she is recovering nicely. She is going to have to undergo treatment and when the time comes, I'll be able to talk more about that. 

I hope you are having a great time the first month of the year and hope it gets better while it advances. 

(a cute picture so you go and say AAAAWWWWWW!) 



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