Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things you don't know about me

Hey everyone!! 

I just wanted to stop by and tell you 3 facts about me that are little known by anyone who knows me, just by my family and very very close friends (let just say they are few that one hand is just enough for me to count them) so lets get started! 

1) I love to eat, lets just say I love food in general

2) I am sort of an OCD when it comes to how i like my pillows to be arranged in my bed when i get in it to sleep, if they are not in the right order...I will not sleep good till I switch them back to how I like them.

3) I am a shower singer, yes to heard right...I sing while in the shower and not just normal, but VERY LOUD and very badly... (just taking all the frustrations out at the moment)

I hope you liked this little post, I thought it would be fun to let you guys know some of my more inside personality. So go ahead and leave me a comment letting me know which are your weird habits (everyone has them) <3



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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Canada, Friends and Food!

Hey Guys!

I have been MIA these few days. I have been spending some couple of quality ones with my 3 best friends form high-school given the fact that one of them came back for a week from Canada! We've been cherishing this moment, of the four of us being together again, for a really long time, because she has a different Uni timetable and she had a week off so she wanted to come visit and we found out just few days before she arrived in Lima.

We've been out having girls night outs, eating and having fun chatting and remembering all the things we used to do. It's amazing how much someone can grow up in just couple of years and still have the same essence of the character. We've grown up so much in the past years and still love hanging out with each other, and because we don't get to see each other that often we appreciate and love every second that we have as a little family that we are.

We've had an awesome time together, and on friday we are going to have a farewell lunch with our friend to wish her a happy trip. It's sad that she has to go so soon but it was so nice to have her back these days.

Love your friends and make a well deserved girls night out with them to de-stress and centre on things that are also very important.



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hey Everyone!

It's a nice family Sunday, it's sunny, it's warm, it pretty much everything you'd like from a day with the ones you love.

(I wish I had a pool like this one!)

We normally spend the day going to lunch, sleeping in, enjoying the blue sky in our backyard, and specially the dogs playing around and we playing with them. Later at night we watch movies and relax some more.

It is very nice to spend it that way leaving all the worries of the week and the stress of work and some other issues behind for a week.

I hope you have a nice nice day and show the ones you love how much they mean to you!! <3



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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

Hey guys!

Recently I've been loving a series of youtube videos that are just wayy to hilarious and way too accurate and that's what make them much much better! They are called Sh*t Fashion Girls Say and are from The Platform, I think every girl (or at least the majority) has said something like that in any type of occasion through our lives.
Literally I DIEE from laughter! <3

Here are the videos that I love love love #chictothenextlev!!

 Part 3 in NY Fashion Week:

Seriously they are TOTES AMAZE! (sorry for the annoying cutting but you'll get when you see)



Disclaimer: I do not own any of the footage shown here, i belief they are great in what they do, i am not being compensated for any of the content shown here in any way, all opinions are my own.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I heart McQueen

The Hunger Games

Hey everyone!!

Are you exited to watch The Hunger Games movie? I have actually never read the books, but from the trailer of the movie I am so exited to watch it and even read the books! I was just wondering if you felt the same?!

Sorry for the really really short post, I am in a hurry and wanted to talk to you for a bit :)



Style Segment: From the 1910 to 1920's

Hey Guys! 

Style is a huge part of our world. It has been a dynamic environment since the beginning of times and has evolved and transcended to history. I have always wandered what has made it change so much and why some styles are coming back these days. Is it because before there was more of a sense of what was correct for the society and seemed more classy and elegant? Maybe we can find this out through the history of style. 

In the time of 1910 all the way through 1920, the style changed more rapidly due to the different  events all the way from the World War I to the sinking of the Titanic. Corsets were rapidly eliminated from the wardrobe scene of women and instead more lose and less fitted because women had to start doing the jobs their men left behind to go fight the war. 

Some other influences started to come their way, like the long tunics of the eastern nations and the colours and designs from them had a space built for the occidental societies. The skirts where some flowy and some very tight that they could't walk normally, instead they had to take small steps so that the fabric wont reap. 

The shoes went on a different transformation and the stitching and the decorative buttons were present. Hats and scarves and umbrellas to protect from the sun were so in style that had a special section in every women's closet. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's part of a series, if you can notice I have tons of them coming your way. 



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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blast from the past: How to steal a million

Hey guys!

Lately I've been so in to old movies, i love watching the old good ones with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and more. One of my favourite movies is "How to steal a million" from 1966 starring, Audrey Hepburn. 

This is going to be my special section for all the old movies that I am loving, that's the WHY i am calling this the blast from the past. 

Starting with How to steal a Million. This movie narrates the story of a young woman who's father has become quite a fan of forging paintings from famous artists From Van Gogh to DaVincci and auctioning the creations for thousands of dollars. The plot line is fresh and amusing, there is no way you can fall asleep during the course of it. I think it captures the humour and the conflicts with class and with respect. The things that characterized the society in that era. 

Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful in every scene including the ones where she has to dress as a maid to get out with their most precious item. The character that I loved the most, and stole all the scenes was the father, played by Hugh Griffith, he is an amazing actor and is hilarious and at the time eccentric to play the most high class forger. 

I really really enjoyed the movie is one of my favourite ones till now. It is classic, it is young and I feel it made comedy a great part of the plot.

I sure recommend you to go and watch it and get in touch with the old good movies. 

if you have some old movies to suggest feel free to leave them in a comment below. 



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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favourite Summer Drink

Hey Guys!

This summer, here in the southern hemisphere, has been hotter than ever and has made me sweat so MUCH,
I am a water drinker but not fan of the freezing cold water becayse i don't like the taste of it, i don't know why.
Instead, I've become a fan of the Crystal light juices from Kraft foods. Clight for the market outside of the US.

Imagem21_largeIt is AMAZING it contains no sugar and is for a litre of water, but I dilute it in 1.7 litres because in that way it is  much more fresh and not too strong flavoured. I put it in the freezer for a while and then just take it out and move it to the fridge.

Also, you can try drinking fruit juices with little to no sugar in them and they are awesome to make the hotness of the summer or of a hot hot spring day cool down and make it refreshing.

This was just a quick post and hope you are having nice days :)



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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet Treats

Hey guys!

After a really hectic day of filming a short film I am in my home, doing nothing but getting some rest and recharging batteries in order to go and meet with a friend to get out sweet treat! PINKBERRY. It is one of our favourite spots to get something indulgent with our sweet tooth which by the way, we have it strong hahaha! 

Let's say we are celebrating our friendship early and spending some quality time with each other due to the fact that we are not going to see each other the 14th. 

My favourite thing to order in pinkberry is the pomegranate frozen yoghurt with captain crunch, fresh blueberries, strawberries, mango, chocolate droplets, and mixed nuts. i think it is HEAVENLY and i get pretty  pretty happy right away when I order it! 

I hope you guys are having a nice weekend! 



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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Hey everyone! 

This is the new blog where I moved all the content from my prior blogs and I hope it makes a very good home to every memory of the past 8 months we've been together and therefore we can create new and awesome ones from this day onwards. 

I have been planning to merge both blogs together but just couldn't find time to do so, and to be honest, i was neglecting and pushing further away the process but I finally said to myself "Stephanie it's time to do this!" and I got my self a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sat down and make it happen. 

Here I am going to be able to expand myself and talk pretty much about everything that crosses my mind not only healthy eating and fashion and beauty! I want it to be a source for you to have fun and ask questions that you may want me to help you with. 

SKMS are the letters of my name, some exceptions may or may have not been made here. I have always signed with these letters everything that belongs to me, and they have a special meaning for me and i am fond of what it is meaningful for every person and respect it. 

I hope you like this new site.



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