Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favourite Summer Drink

Hey Guys!

This summer, here in the southern hemisphere, has been hotter than ever and has made me sweat so MUCH,
I am a water drinker but not fan of the freezing cold water becayse i don't like the taste of it, i don't know why.
Instead, I've become a fan of the Crystal light juices from Kraft foods. Clight for the market outside of the US.

Imagem21_largeIt is AMAZING it contains no sugar and is for a litre of water, but I dilute it in 1.7 litres because in that way it is  much more fresh and not too strong flavoured. I put it in the freezer for a while and then just take it out and move it to the fridge.

Also, you can try drinking fruit juices with little to no sugar in them and they are awesome to make the hotness of the summer or of a hot hot spring day cool down and make it refreshing.

This was just a quick post and hope you are having nice days :)



picture is from here.

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