Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Hey everyone! 

This is the new blog where I moved all the content from my prior blogs and I hope it makes a very good home to every memory of the past 8 months we've been together and therefore we can create new and awesome ones from this day onwards. 

I have been planning to merge both blogs together but just couldn't find time to do so, and to be honest, i was neglecting and pushing further away the process but I finally said to myself "Stephanie it's time to do this!" and I got my self a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sat down and make it happen. 

Here I am going to be able to expand myself and talk pretty much about everything that crosses my mind not only healthy eating and fashion and beauty! I want it to be a source for you to have fun and ask questions that you may want me to help you with. 

SKMS are the letters of my name, some exceptions may or may have not been made here. I have always signed with these letters everything that belongs to me, and they have a special meaning for me and i am fond of what it is meaningful for every person and respect it. 

I hope you like this new site.



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