Friday, February 17, 2012

Style Segment: From the 1910 to 1920's

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Style is a huge part of our world. It has been a dynamic environment since the beginning of times and has evolved and transcended to history. I have always wandered what has made it change so much and why some styles are coming back these days. Is it because before there was more of a sense of what was correct for the society and seemed more classy and elegant? Maybe we can find this out through the history of style. 

In the time of 1910 all the way through 1920, the style changed more rapidly due to the different  events all the way from the World War I to the sinking of the Titanic. Corsets were rapidly eliminated from the wardrobe scene of women and instead more lose and less fitted because women had to start doing the jobs their men left behind to go fight the war. 

Some other influences started to come their way, like the long tunics of the eastern nations and the colours and designs from them had a space built for the occidental societies. The skirts where some flowy and some very tight that they could't walk normally, instead they had to take small steps so that the fabric wont reap. 

The shoes went on a different transformation and the stitching and the decorative buttons were present. Hats and scarves and umbrellas to protect from the sun were so in style that had a special section in every women's closet. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's part of a series, if you can notice I have tons of them coming your way. 



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