Friday, March 30, 2012

who's exited for "Carrie's Diaries"?

annasophia robb carrie diaries first look

Anna Sophia Robb looks gorgeous here! The first Official picture for her role as young Carrie.
I am super exited to see what this series is going to bring to us!

I will write a longer post about it when I get the time, because I was such a huge fan of Sex and the City and Carrie's peculiar and distinguished style!



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Hi from Class!

Hey everyone! 

I am here in my business opportunity class having a great time and just wanted to say that I feel more and more connected to the idea of making business and innovating. This class is nice but a little late in the night. 

I hope you are having a great time where ever you are and have a great weekend! 



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Organization Mania + My Pinky Incident

Hey Everyone! 

It's been a little too long since I posted something in this blog. Now, as Thursdays are my free day in which I get to catch up with some school work, readings and well personal stuff, guess what? you fit in perfectly! 

I have been watching this awesome YouTube channel called organizedlikejen and has inspired me to become a little more organized specially since I began university again. I just started my weekly planner in which I have all my to do school work and tests for the week and printed out monthly planner in which I have a complete overview of the things I have due in the month and see how I can fit more or less projects and activities. 

I've been in this crazy Organization Plan the few past weeks but just didn't knew how to start it. Thank God I found about Jennifer and the Light came to me! I could see much clearer what I need and did not need. 

In terms of what I did to keep all my class notes and my agenda is maybe a subject that I can spend on hours talking about it because I love that way it all turned out. I can't say that I am super neat and well..organized but it works for me so that I am a happier and mentally healthier student. Yay for it! 

On a side note, I had a horrible incident that has to do with one of my pinky toes (to be precise, the right one). Well, my dad was headed out for work and when he came all happily to say good-bye to his lovely daughter (aka;ME) I stood up and took 1 step forward and he had done so too. SO in that moment is when I felt it, his shoe crashed with my pinky toe and the nail just SNAPPED and CRACKED! and it was the most painful thing I had felt in all of my life. Not to be dramatic but the pain run through my nerves and it was all just awful. My dad felt horrible and was saying to me are you OK? do you want to go to the Doctor? Is it bleeding? And Luckily it was not bleeding and was just a minor nail issue but it did hurt oh so very badly. But everything is fine and it has just a plaster covering the nail just in case it gets tangled with any other thing and just end up falling out. 
(the most colourful and happiest place <3 Innsbruck, Austria) 

So that was what Happened. My Pinky Incident. 

I hope you are having a lovely week!

Talk to you guys soon! :) 



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long time Hello

Hey guys!

It's been like a week since I wrote a post for the blog! I am damn slacking you! and I don't like it, I recently began Uni again and it's much much harder than I expected. Anywhos yesterday was my mom's birthday and we had a family diner, all my aunts came down to our house and just had a good time chilling and eating and drinking <3 gotta love the fam!

Today I have a free day from classes and am free, this really is nice comparing to my previous timetables that were just awful and complete messes.

(I wish I was here! like right now!) 

I'l try to write some more blog post later today. It is so HOT today that I feel like a melting Ice-cream. Randomness just began, sorry! hahaha I have been crazy busy that I just need to relax for a bit and with you I love to do so and have a great time writing these very "bably" posts :)

Well, I'll leave now, but I will be writing for you some more <3



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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


hey guys!

i hope you are having a nice day today celebrating St. Patrick's day with your friends and family maybe going to a nice lunch or dinner party and enjoy the day! If you are not in the mood for a tranquil evening, go hit the dance floor or a pub and have a few drinks with your friends (obviously if you are of legal age to do that) and have an awesome time!



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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunflowers and Roses

I might say that sunflowers and pink roses are my favourite flowers, they give spaces a beautiful vibe and just make me smile every time I look at them, even by the corner of my eye. I was looking at some of my albums and found pictures of them, I was happy at the thought that I have pictures of them and just simply looking at them I remember their smell and how pretty they truly are.

Here are those pictures:

I feel happy just seeing these <3

Tell me, what is your favourite flower? 



pictures belong to me. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

NOTN: Revlon's Classy

Hey guys! just a quick post, today is my cousin's birthday and we having dinner at her house tonight, I am wearing revlon's classy as the Nail of the Night :) 




Healthy Snacks: Question

Hey guys!

Peanuts and Raisins Can be a Healthy Snack or a Fat Packer
I was just wondering what do you like to snack on through out the day? how many times do you snack? 

I try to sneak in snacks through the day like in between my main meals and sometimes consist of fruits, nuts, or cereal bars, I just recently love the ones with sun-dried cranberries which are delicious! I guess it would make a great Healthy Spotlight post right? well expect it soon! 

I am loving this entries again, I am in an eat-healthy blast again if you could notice because I have been awful! 

I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the opportunities that life present to you! <3 



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The new Blog

Hey everyone! 

It's been just recently that I moved both blogs, my Getting Fit and Light and Beauty by S.A, together I feel that now I can expand on topics about beauty, fashion, randomness, healthy eating and habits in this blog now. While writing the entries I feel much more confident to say what is going on in my mind much more rapidly and type things up related on the topics I normally address here. Just recently I've come to notice that I have been slacking in writing diverse entries like my healthy spotlight and in general the healthy eating habits I once had. The reason is that I have my life all jumbled up and since I went on summer break from university I have been so bad in the way I control the food I eat and what I drink. 

I want to get back on track, I even bought a notebook where I can jot down the ideas that come to my mind at the moment about the benefits, what I eat to renew my diet, and all of it. Since I merged my previous blogs into SKMS, my previous blog posts have been unattended and left behind and I know you would love to know what else is here apart from  the recent fashion forward posts I put up constantly now. 

So here I leave a list of 5 of my previous blog posts so you can check them out and tell me which ones you miss the most <3

I hope you like them and get back and check some more of them! 



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update: Back to School

Hey Everyone! 

I am just about to start University again, I have my timetable all figured out, my school supplies bought and ready to be used and I just feel I've had way to much spare time during this Summer vacations that I forgot how to write on paper. 

But all in all, I am exited to see all the familiar faces of my class mates and the people that I've gotten to know through all these years. I know it is going to be a much much more interesting semester, I am pass half of my career and loving it still. I need to find a place to do intern-ships to get the credits in order to fulfil the ones necessary for me to graduate. 

Many other things have been happening, I got off track with my daily routines and just made an awful mess with my beauty and eating habits through this time. I will make a list and start by getting right in track so that I start the semester ready and able to continue a routine so my life will be more organized than these couple of months I had free. 

I have to concentrate more in the classes that I am taking, so no social life for me, at least, not as complicated and active as it used to be. I have to keep nice and steady grades to apply for a good job and to make it where I want to get as a professional. 


Yesterday was my father's birthday and we celebrated it quite nicely and we got him a couple of nice things as gifts. While trying to find him the presents, I found SHOES and of course i fell in love and bought them. A nice treat for me while I can. I may do a post about them because I love them so much I just could resist them, they are two pairs of shoes, some moccasin-like ballerinas and brown wedges. <3

I thinks that's it for now, until next time !



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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012 : Stop Kony

Hey Everyone,

I have seen this on the internet for several days in a row, about this project of making Joseph Kony, an African war criminal who abducts children from their homes making them killers and sexual slaves to maintain his army the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), "famous" so that everyone get to know the atrocities he has committed for over 2 decades and to let him know that the international police has put a price on his head, not a monetary price but a price which will determine the end of abusive ruling and heart-less crimes to make the world that we live in a better place for ourself and our children.

It is not nice to have to run from place to place with the fear of getting caught and killed if you escaped his Army. These children have the right to a better future and to a life worth living with no abuse and slaughtering. No other person has the Ultimate word on whether you should live or die.

Think about yourself, running from a person who wants to kill you and your siblings or abduct you to force you commit horrible acts such as killing your own parents, the people who love you the most on the whole planet in order to fulfil his mindless, cold hearted desires.

That's what this project is all about. Ending this Horrible era that was little to no known few years back. A short Film/Documentary has aired in the most popular social networks and has become viral in just few days, it was published on March 5th 2012 and has over 26 million views. The Invisible Children Organization was formed in response to the LRA and its horrific acts. It has been working to end the armed conflict for 9 years and gained a great response with the documentary mentioned previously. If you haven't seen it yet here it is, it is long but very explanatory and very moving:

There are many ways that you can help the KONY 2012 campaign

  1. Sign the online petition
  2. Get an action kit
  3. Donate 
  4. Spread the world so that everyone get to know about it #STOPKONY. 
It Does not matter whether you live in Canada, Pakistan, Iran, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Rep. Russia or else where, it is a matter that concerns us all as a society with no discrimination, we are all human and were born with rights. Support the cause, have a heart and pass it on. 



Style Segment: From 1920 to 1930's

Style set it's new boundary-less, more feminine and fashionable self during this period of time, women started to centre more around personal grooming as a plus for fashion. This became a hit since Hollywood started presenting motion pictures with some of our favourite fashionistas of the time.

The magazines Vogue and Harper's Bazaar saw this trait coming and inclined their products into developing fashion statements and slowly became women's most read magazines until this era. Women preferred them because of the tips and tricks they showed in how to achieve the Hollywood Glamour that every girl/woman desired.

During this time period, skirts, suits and bodices where so in and the hem fell from about an inch beneath the knee, one stylist that introduced it was Chanel. The style became baggy, not that much of form fitting as the previous style we saw during the decade of the 1910 all the way to 1920. The zipper began to be utilize more in the latter part of the decade.

During the late years of the decade, in 1928, the style changed again making the hem to the knee and leading to the style of 1930.

Women gained the right to vote and with such liberty they began to carve their way in society, more liberal thoughts run through their minds and (as being a woman my self too) it was fun to experiment with new things that came in the way. The style had to become more comfortable without loosing the class and the status of ladies.

We can never forget about the shoes, the piece that make the outfit fall together smoothly. T-straps where the most used type of shoe because they provided security while dancing the Charleston  and pointy toes and medium to high heel where perfect for the deed.

I hope you guys liked this post, it's always interesting to know how style has changed and what influenced those changes.



Source picture

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey Lovelies!

I love burning candles, I love the smell the give to the area that I live in, my room is my zen place, is where I get the best moments of tranquillity and where I spend the majority of my time. I am currently loving the chocolate scent candles, they give me that super sweet and bitter smell of dark milky chocolate that I love and sometimes indulge in.

Here is a picture of the candle I am currently burning in my room.




Polish Review: Revlon's Charming

Hey guys!

I recently bought a new shade from revlon and it is super cute. A pastel-y lilac colour called Charming and it is so gorge that I can't stop staring at my nails and of thinking that the colour looks so good on.

I feel that my Revlon Polish collections has been growing and I am proud of it because they are great quality for just about a couple dollars. I love the lasting that they are and how smoothly they apply. This shade has rapidly become one of my favourite nail polishes of summer and spring because it is a pastel and for the hotter seasons it's better to make a statement with it. Now that in the US and the northern hemisphere in general is starting to be warmer, pastels are a must have for every wardrobe if you like to look young and breezy and girl-y.

Here is a picture of Revlon's Charming

As you can see, it's very very light and summery and flirty great for those spring/summery date nights. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 



Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday

Hey everyone!

I hope this start of the week has been great for you! It started nicely to me, we began by cleaning my mum's closet and reorganizing it. It was nice to select clothes for charity and also to make it a better space for my mum to have and feel it nice and..well...better organized (for the lack of vocabulary today) I feel I am so tired and I have already began some of my (late) spring cleaning, making room for new stuff and for more school books (i feel i start swimming in papers every semester)

I hope you have a great week and a beautiful Monday :)

*keep calm and eat a cupcake*



picture belongs to me.
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