Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long time Hello

Hey guys!

It's been like a week since I wrote a post for the blog! I am damn slacking you! and I don't like it, I recently began Uni again and it's much much harder than I expected. Anywhos yesterday was my mom's birthday and we had a family diner, all my aunts came down to our house and just had a good time chilling and eating and drinking <3 gotta love the fam!

Today I have a free day from classes and am free, this really is nice comparing to my previous timetables that were just awful and complete messes.

(I wish I was here! like right now!) 

I'l try to write some more blog post later today. It is so HOT today that I feel like a melting Ice-cream. Randomness just began, sorry! hahaha I have been crazy busy that I just need to relax for a bit and with you I love to do so and have a great time writing these very "bably" posts :)

Well, I'll leave now, but I will be writing for you some more <3



picture from here.

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