Monday, March 12, 2012

The new Blog

Hey everyone! 

It's been just recently that I moved both blogs, my Getting Fit and Light and Beauty by S.A, together I feel that now I can expand on topics about beauty, fashion, randomness, healthy eating and habits in this blog now. While writing the entries I feel much more confident to say what is going on in my mind much more rapidly and type things up related on the topics I normally address here. Just recently I've come to notice that I have been slacking in writing diverse entries like my healthy spotlight and in general the healthy eating habits I once had. The reason is that I have my life all jumbled up and since I went on summer break from university I have been so bad in the way I control the food I eat and what I drink. 

I want to get back on track, I even bought a notebook where I can jot down the ideas that come to my mind at the moment about the benefits, what I eat to renew my diet, and all of it. Since I merged my previous blogs into SKMS, my previous blog posts have been unattended and left behind and I know you would love to know what else is here apart from  the recent fashion forward posts I put up constantly now. 

So here I leave a list of 5 of my previous blog posts so you can check them out and tell me which ones you miss the most <3

I hope you like them and get back and check some more of them! 



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